Performance Homework

adj. Dance

  • Preparation:
    Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Task:
    Follow the moves!
  • Tip:
    Keywords – Emotional / Legal / Dangerous / National / Intimate / Violent / Sensitive / Anxious / Essential / Exciting / Frustrated / Blue / Isolated / Free / Secure / Illusory / Independent
  • Note:
    This work was first presented in 2010. It took the form of teaching videos similar to those widely available on the fitness market. The project aims to transform abstract adjectives into a series of dynamic codes representative of physical movement or dance moves. This allow viewers and those who execute the moves to interpret and imitate the movements while on their own. Through the rhythm and the subtitled explanations in the video, viewers can experience common sentiments rooted in abstract emotions.

Work by
Yu Cheng-Ta