Performance Homework

Hiding Places for Better Times

  • Material:
    Paper, painting kit
  • Preparation:
    Close your eyes and visualize a place you would rather be at in this moment.
  • Task:
    Paint the place you imagined. Write “I want to be here”, your name and the date at the bottom of the painting. Hide it in your home in a place you might possibly forget about. Maybe you’ll find it when times are better.
  • Note:
    People hide important, precious or secret things. The process of hiding validates the object, removes it from daily life and positions it in a mental space where wish and projection merges. In my case, every time I enter the bathroom, I step into that secret place and dip my feet in the sea. This continues until I forget about it. Eventually the drawing becomes a forgotten memory reserved for better times.

Work by
Pablo Chiereghin