Performance Homework

Make a Salad (alone)

  • Material:
    Whatever you like.
  • Task:
    Make a salad. Alone.
  • Extra:
    Eat the salad. Alone.
  • Note:
    The original event-score by Alison Knowles is as simple as "make a salad". Since 1962 Knowles performed the work on several occasions in different contexts and formats. She typically prepares a salad for a group of people by chopping the vegetables to the beat of live music, mixing the ingredients by tossing it in the air, then serving the salad to the audience. Make a Salad is viewed as Knowles's successful translation of domestic labor into a performative context while the score's radical brevity suggests that anyone can play the score. For Performance Homework, making a salad and eating it alone is the proposed performance.

Idea adjusted from the work by
Alison Knowles